Top 5 personalized gifts to give the man in your life

It can always be hard to buy gifts for anyone. Knowing what to get someone can be hard, especially for your boyfriend, husband, father or male friend. Personalised gifts are always a nice way to say that you were thinking about someone and chose that gift for them specifically.


There are so many different types of gifts it can be overwhelming. Below are a few top personalised gift options for the man in your life. These gifts can be given for birthdays, Christmas, fathers day and as a gift for groomsmen. There is also just for any day you feel like giving your man a gift!



  • Engraved knives:



If the man you are buying for likes to hunt, go fishing or is just handy then an engraved knife is a perfect gift. There are different types available but the best two are the swiss army knives and the pocket knives.


The Swiss army knives are great because they are multi-functional. They contain lots of useful tools such as a wood saw, a fish scaler, a corkscrew and a blade. The handles are made out of wood and can be customised in a number of ways. There are different options for engraving. These include names, dates, initials, and designations such as groomsman for a wedding party.

The pocket knives come in different varieties. They all come with a belt clip for functionality and usability. The pocket knives come in different colours and styles so be sure to pick the best one for your man! The handles are wood, and as with the Swiss army knife can be engraved with a multitude of personalised things.

These knives are the best option for any man who uses knives, is practical and would love one that is personal to him!


Get the swiss army knife:


Buy a pocket knife:


2. Customised bottle opener


These bottle openers again come in different styles. The best and the coolest being the bullet bottle opener!


This bottle opener can be engraved with a name or monogram. They are shaped like a bullet which is a great design. They are also functional and can be used to open any bottle of his favourite beer or drink. This is a simple yet awesome and very useful gift.

Buy one:


3. Personalised baseball bat


These are full-sized professional baseball bats. That can be used to play, or just used to look cool in the house.


A gift of a baseball bat is great for anyone who is a baseball fan. Whether they play or just follow the sport, it is a thoughtful gift. The bat can be customised with a name. The name is carved deep into the bat so that it stands out more and will last forever. It can be customised for any name up to eight letters long.

Get yours here:


4. Unique watches


The watches have a wooden backing to them. The wood is bamboo, looks great and can be engraved.


These watches can be given as a gift, either with or without engraving. A watch is a great and stylish present. Watches are functional and useful in daily life. These watches look amazing and can be customised.


They can be engraved with names, dates and special messages providing that it can fit on the back of the watch! It will be a thoughtful reminder for him to wear every day that shows how much you care. It is a great gift for all occasions.


5. Engraved hammer


If the man you are buying for loves to build things or has any use for a hammer then this is a great gift. You can choose from a range of font styles, and write a heartfelt message on the side of the handle. So that everytime he uses it, he can see the message and know that you care!




All of these gifts are useful, functional and can be personalised. They are a great option for a variety of people and it is a great way to find a unique gift for the man you want to buy for.


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